What’s Next?

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Originally posted on Cindi Gale:
Don’t give up today, in what could be the final hours of your struggles or stagnancy. The first day of your good future may be as near as tomorrow. While we can be in difficult circumstances for a very long time, it can all change in a moment. Hang in…


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Originally posted on Cindi Gale:
One day last month, my oldest son arrived on an inbound Megabus. After breakfast on the final full day of his visit, I asked, “Do you want to relax at home today or go do something?” “I could do something. Like what?” “I don’t know. Maybe stop in at the…

What Do You See?

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Originally posted on Cindi Gale:
I took a long walk in the countryside near my home last month. It was a dreary day. Overcast. Colorless. Chilly. Lifeless. I considered the gray day an appropriate metaphor for lives afflicted by cancer, injury and disease, injustice and abuse, theft and destruction, or hatred and rejection. It happened to be Inauguration Day here…