The Man In The Park

Cindi Gale

I posted the following story to Facebook nearly three weeks ago. I had no idea the story would be so widely received. Hundreds of people commented and shared, thousands read it. Its reception has been diverse, from people I know personally to strangers across the world; from people who have experienced homelessness to those who are very wealthy. They represent many races and religions, varied political beliefs and values, and cover the spectrum of educational-levels and vocations.

Just as I was surprised to see the response to my recent Facebook post, since the inception of this blog site I have been surprised at its diverse readership. Most days, its international audience surpasses its domestic one.

So, to readers across the globe, I introduce you to one person who is common to all mankind …

The Man In The Park

Two weeks ago, I took pictures of a scarf project in LeClaire…

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