What’s Next?

Cindi Gale

Don’t give up today, in what could be the final hours of your struggles or stagnancy. The first day of your good future may be as near as tomorrow.

While we can be in difficult circumstances for a very long time, it can all change in a moment.

Hang in there. Don’t let go.


Don’t stop paddling. Keep your eyes focussed forward with anticipation of rest and reward, and your arrival in the promised land of all things good.

Replace your inner dismal voice of, “I give up” with an inner hopeful voice, of “What’s next?”

If it’s God you are following; if it’s God you are waiting on, the culmination of his preparations and orchestration of plans for your life will still happen. Change will arrive. It will be infinitely more than you ask or imagine.

Just ahead are freedom from captivity, dry land and sun, purpose and fulfillment, blessings…

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