When there’s no way TO IT but THROUGH IT, Just DO IT


You can be perfectly centered on your God-led road of life and still have trouble on that road. Sometimes it is through a vast, fearsome valley that you must travel.

I can attest that it is dark, overwhelming, and intimidating in the valley. Promises and hope for your future that were visible before become suddenly irretrievable, seemingly lost altogether.

The valley itself is powerful — a pit, a trap, a lure to death. It doesn’t ask, it imposes. It insists on its way, it doesn’t offer compromise. It is unceasing in its efforts to convince you your destiny is there in its grip, this is where your road ends.

I can also attest that you must be more stubborn than it — refuse its impositions, its arguments and “proof”, however strong and impressive they may be — your journey will not end in the valley of deprivation. You aren’t staying, only passing through because you have to.

There is life beyond the valley, a life not possible had you not passed through it. Because of your persistent, resolute steps, and determination to yet see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living, you are enabled to rejoin your personal road, an open horizon that is better than before: rarer, purer, clearer, higher. 20180724_090432




“Go Ahead”, by Ron Kenoly

If you catch hell
Don’t hold it
If you’re going through hell
Don’t stop
Remember no weapon
Formed against you
Shall prosper
And every tongue
That rises against you
You shall condemn

Now the Bible says this
You need to learn this
For greater is He that is in you
Than he that is in the world

Now this is what you do when
You’re going through hell
You go ahead
‘Cause you have authority
Over the enemy
You have authority
As a believer
You have authority
Over the enemy
You have authority
In the Name of Jesus

Listen folks go ahead
Go ahead
I’m goin’ through
If you catch hell
Don’t hold it
If you’re going through hell
Don’t stop

Song Credit:  Ron Kenoly

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