Puppets and Pawns



During last Week’s State of the Union address, the attendees moved to their poles just as they were trained. Much of America did the same in their homes.

We have become a nation of puppets.

The memes tell us we should go all in to the extremes. Newscasters tell us we should do the same. Leaders effectively rally us to groupthink.

Peers pressure and scold us if we don’t join in.

But we can’t just blame the influencers …

Each person who ended up in blind loyalty allowed it to happen. We let ourselves be played. We let it happen. We walked right into the traps.

We don’t think for ourselves. We don’t investigate topics until we understand them. We don’t break ranks from groupthink to search for solutions. We read a meme or hear an angry voice and let them inflame us too, without spending a minute more time to investigate the topic further.

Inside the trap of extremism, we like the feeling of righteous indignation that constantly blares from the speakers there. We like to hear the din of like-minded people affirming our views and spurring us to hatred and aggression toward those who disagree.

We like keeping the pot constantly stirred, so we can feel pride and self-righteousness over and over again.

In short, we like being awful; we like being pawns.

But it didn’t come without cost. When we chose our extremes, we abandoned reason, independent thinking, ethics, morality, empathy, and any attempt at resolution. 

When will people tire of being manipulated?

When will enough be enough? When will people stop digging in their heels in their existing stances, and move together to make change? When will we give up being “right” to look together for what is right for all?

I’m ready. Are you? 


2 thoughts on “Puppets and Pawns

  1. cindigale says:

    Reblogged this on Cindi Gale.


  2. Sherry V says:

    This is one of the main reasons I don’t post much beyond inspirational or humorous items on my Facebook page. Polarization is prevalent, and I find discussion best served with people in relationship. My friends cover the spectrum of beliefs. If they are respectful and factual in sharing, I can learn from them.


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