Ocean, What Ocean?

I’ve long felt it necessary to be sufficiently hard-nosed in order to survive psychologically through life but something inside tells me that sensitivity is just as important. Without it, without empathy, the world would be an impossibly harsh place. ” – Paul Fischer

Paul is a Londoner now living in Croatia. I am a lifelong American. You, as a reader of this blog, join others from a hundred countries on six continents. At a glance it seems the greater our geographical and cultural divide, the less likely any of us would relate. But life, and how we cope with it, is often a challenge for us all. Supposing there are others in varied states of misery who might like some company, Paul and I are letting you eavesdrop on our recent exchange of emails: 

Hi Cindi,

You are an irreplaceable friend, Paul. And an excellent writer. I think your words should be shared with as many people as possible; surely many people would identify and feel less alone, knowing someone out there feels the same.

Maybe our emails would fit nicely into your blog, one wounded heart comforted by another – across the oceans and across the widest of theological divides.
DSCN2154.jpg length crop for blog
So we did just that, as evidence that coping with life is a universal challenge. Though it may not seem so, you’re not the only one with the thoughts or emotions you have — someone somewhere is experiencing the same. I propose that when you’ve sufficiently recovered from whatever has knocked you down, you get back out there in this world we share and overcome evil with good — one day at a time, one deed at a time, one soul at a time — across the oceans and widest of divides.

5 thoughts on “Ocean, What Ocean?

  1. Clare says:

    He’s my dad and I see so much of myself in him. One day I hope to be able to write with his eloquentce and passion.

    I’m glad you are friends Cindi, you are kindred spirits across the divide.

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  2. ladana52 says:

    The divide…overcoming evil with good…my heart goes immediately to a list directly opposite Paul’s….I’m in a hospital awaiting results from tests being run on my daughter…as I sit here, I ponder those people placed in my path who are “holding me up” and bathing me in a warm, enveloping love. I think on the good news of my neighbor, of my student making the honor roll, of the truth shining and my new ability to speak it…..while I agree about the devastation going on in our world, my mind says, no shouts….but there are more good people than bad! There is so much good that surely evil should be no more. But then I remember…it takes a verb…a doing…we must OVERCOME evil with good. It will take more Pauls and Cindis to speak and share and stand and build and encourage and nurture and nourish and bathe and hold up…..one another in love with courage!

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