Reformation, Bring It On

Cindi Gale

Across the world, Protestant and Catholic Christians are honoring the 500th anniversary of The Reformation, initiated by the Germany monk, Martin Luther. Luther also composed, “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”. His arguments challenged his time’s religious establishment, the status quo, the theology and hierarchy of the Catholic Church, the “middle man” who had positioned itself as gatekeeper to God. The Church required humanity to pass through its narrow gate, teaching they must earn access to Christ through good works as defined by the Church. Luther pointed out otherwise.

I’m not so sure that much of today’s Protestant Church, since its cleansing of human additives, hasn’t steadily morphed and currently harbors as much corruption as the Catholic institution Luther abhorred 500 years ago.

Is it not common to see increasing numbers of individuals, churches, and percentages of denominations present themselves as gatekeepers to God? Do they not require of humanity…

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