Persevering Faith

Cindi Gale

Some days I can’t digest the day’s news; I know I’m at risk of giving up hope for something specific, or my belief in general that humanity is good. On those days I don’t partake in what damages my faith, and feed instead on words and stories of inspiration, beautiful music or art, nature, or memories of previous victories over fear.

As for my confidence in a God of compassionate intervention, a God who can and will bring miracles to fruition in our lives, I oftentimes must “go it alone” to sustain my faith. When people (including some preachers and many, many Christians :) approach with metaphorical axes to hack at my belief in the mighty salvation of our God,  I do whatever I must to protect what took so long to grow within.

Courage, faith, hope, love, and peace are precious. They are fine jewels. They are valuable…

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