Supply and Demand

Cindi Gale

Many thanks to photographer, Lou Lourdeau, for providing the “water jars” photos. I asked and he kindly supplied.

God is a supplier whose provisions are limitless. His divine storehouses overflow infinitely. We open the flow to all that supply by our demand. He wants us to ask of him. He wants us to expect of him. Why? Because he’s unimaginably generous. He wants to give.

In the “water to wine” story*, when the wine was depleted at a wedding, Jesus’s mother asked him for a miracle. She expected one. Then she acknowledged Jesus’s authority. “Do whatever he tells you.”

Initially, Jesus said, “Why come to me?” His public miracles weren’t supposed to happen yet. “My hour has not yet come.”

We see it wasn’t Jesus who initiated the miracle that day, it was Mary. But when asked, he acted.

I’ve noticed in my own life that I’m motivated by the needs…

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2 thoughts on “Supply and Demand

  1. ladana52 says:

    You know, my daughter is expecting her first child. Understanding that “we have not because we ask not…”, I asked her to write down all the things she wants, knowing she needs a home for her growing family. Interestingly, she shared her dream list with me and she had titled it. At first she had written “Dreams”. Then, I noticed she must have reread her list and later added the word “Realistic” before her title. My spirit shouted “NO!… … Dream big, sweet girl!!” I wanted her to expand and ask and seek and dream. I want her to feel limitless, like our Father…He is a God without limits. He wants to rain down on her with provision and abundance. I see her holding out her hands and dancing, while receiving from Him! Yet, I know He will teach her this. He will show her how to reach for Him, as He has has shown me…….Then, she will understand the word “Realistic” need not be a part of her dreams.

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