Where Good Can Grow

You’ve probably noticed that when in the presence of certain people, you thrive. Something about their nature allows you to flourish; they draw out your best qualities and nurture their growth.

Maybe you’ve noticed the opposite, too: something about certain people causes your best self to retreat. Those people stymie your gifts, your personality, your well-intended aspirations and values — they quench your potential.

Difficult people will always be in your midst, but you can control where you put down your roots. You can interact with most people without having to embed yourself in the same ground in which they are rooted. Mingle, converse, disregard, listen, learn, laugh and enjoy when you cross paths … but only plant yourself in ground where righteousness is nurtured.

There may be seasons in your life when nobody provides fertile ground for your growth. Still, you are not without opportunity to bloom — put down your roots in the love of God, in the saving grace of Jesus Christ, and in the careful guidance of the Holy Spirit. In God, you are guaranteed luxuriant development of all that is good within you.

As for the people in your life, trust God to provide those who are extensions of Him, who will offer an atmosphere of righteous support and wise direction for your steady growth and betterment.

Video credit goes to the film company, MUVI, with Youtube license, muviag.


2 thoughts on “Where Good Can Grow

  1. Linda says:

    Excellent….just what I needed clarity on. Thank you;)

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  2. cindigale says:

    Reblogged this on Cindi Gale.


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