Birth of a Promise

When God births a promise, he does it in a stable.


The stable is simple, humble, and void of the embellishments which would detract from the miracle.

In the stable, the newborn promise is kept from the public eye. During the infant miracle’s most vulnerable stage, it is shielded from scrutiny, jealously, criticism, theft, and attack. Birthed in seclusion, it is given the best chance to survive and grow to maturity.

Jewel, birth of Brandy pic #2 cropped for blog 11192014_0000

Once the miracle has strengthened, and has acquired agility in its movements, it will be released to spend time in the outdoors. That experience too, will be controlled for safety’s sake. Fences keep out predators and prevent the young promise from roaming naively into the path of danger.

Jewel, Brandy at 6 weeks old for blog 11192014_0000

Development takes time, and with it, the manifested promise will be permitted more and more freedom. Until then, be thankful for the fences. And be grateful for the chosen birthplace of the simple stable, where the newborn promise is accorded its greatest chance of survival.




5 thoughts on “Birth of a Promise

  1. cindigale says:

    Reblogged this on Cindi Gale and commented:

    Be wise about who you tell, and when. “I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore be as shrewd as snakes and as innocent as doves.” Matthew 10:16. “Don’t waste what is holy on people who are unholy. Don’t throw your pearls to pigs! They will trample the pearls, then turn and attack you.” Matthew 7:6.


    • ladana52 says:

      I have so many questions…..I have felt so often that all I have done and offered to those that I love and care for is just disregarded and thrown aside……In a former situation, I often came to the end of my rope and just said, “I don’t belong here.” When I decided to act on my words, I am reminded by those very people (and their friends) that because I chose to own my decision and follow through – I am to blame for the positions all of them are presently in. I run desperately to God each time and am reminded that I am in the flow of God. Here, in the flow, things are being washed off of me in the rushing water. Are people part of this process? I just wonder, too, whether I am “wasting what is holy on people who are unholy.” That is hard to say, but I DO wonder.

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      • cindigale says:

        Truth should drive people’s way of thinking, but I think it doesn’t for many. They conclude what they want, whether true or not, which requires going back to change actual facts to lies to make their equation work. They sell themselves and others on their errant point of view to dodge accountability, displace blame, unload anger on a scapegoat, save public face, maintain a facade, etc., all banal behaviors that offer quick relief but long-term angst. At it’s least harmful, it is frustrating to those they do it to, at it’s worst it causes catastrophic destruction to relationships, trust, credibility, peace of mind, reputations, and more. This habit of “spinning truth” harms the person doing it as well as those in contact with them. The truth sets us free — they are not free and won’t be until they get honest with themselves. If that resonates with your circumstances, you have my sympathy and encouragement. You’re already practicing the solution: going to God for the truths of your circumstances. Keep searching for and cling to truth; that’s where your freedom is guaranteed. As our core strength is to our extremity function, truth is to your ability to optimally manage it all.

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        • ladana52 says:

          Absolutely right…….manipulation is the guiding force in this group I speak of…I can say now to you and to those who read our words, I, too, was deeply ingrained in manipulating behaviors. As I am in the river, I see some of those behaviors and their own allies….I see the Truth you speak of and am clinging to it….knowing this flow is taking me to places where my trust in God will grow…..I’m clinging and hoping and praying and waiting…..

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