To Uphold

When you are fearful, remember Isaiah 41:10, contemplate the meaning of “uphold”, and absorb its inspiriting synonyms:


verb: maintain, support

  •  advocate, confirm, defend, encourage, endorse, hold to, justify, promote, side with, stand by, vindicate, aid, assist, back, bolster, boost, brace, buttress, carry, champion, countenance, elevate, help, hoist, prop, raise, rear, second, sustain, uplift, upraise, back up, buoy up, hold up, pick up, shore up, stick by, stick up, take up, upbear, uprear

If you’re still afraid, consider these antonyms of “uphold” and be assured of what God will never do to you: 

  • attack, deny, oppose, protest, abandon, decrease, depress, destroy, discourage, drop, fall, halt, hinder, hurt, injure, lessen, lower, neglect, obstruct, prevent, stop, undermine, weaken

Don’t be afraid, my friend. He will uphold you. 


3 thoughts on “To Uphold

  1. ladana52 says:

    This pinpoints the assurance…..there can be no question when you contrast the meaning with its polar opposite….well said!

    Liked by 1 person

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