Take Charge – On Solid Ground

John 8:32 – And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

When you’ve experienced the freedom of mind which comes with knowing the truth, you can’t wait to get all your philosophies over-hauled by God. You want to be in truth every second of every day, to stay free and see what opportunities God has for you. You recognize truth is what will enable you to avoid future entrapment and cruel currents.

Keep at it, and you will get very good at recognizing conflicting information. A current tells you one thing, but God tells you another. God’s is the one you choose to flow with. Watch the threatening current fall apart into disorganization because you didn’t fall for it.

rough water, for blogIf you’re struggling to get air today — if you’re circling in overwhelming currents trying to get you to go under — put your feet down. You’re not in the deep water it wants you to believe you’re in. You’re in a shallow river. Your feet can touch bottom. Solid ground is in reach. The current isn’t the unstoppable power it appears. Your human ability to walk yourself to the riverbank surpasses the river’s force.

Once on the bank away from the river, take a long look at that water. It actually couldn’t prevent you from surviving it — it just wanted you to believe it could. It doesn’t have your best interests in mind. That river can’t be from God. God would never put you in a current  like that.

He has your best interests in mind. He puts sun on your shoulders and a soft breeze on your face. He puts green grass under your feet and walks with you. If he does put you in a current, it is beneficial — his living water — a righteous river he previously invited you to, and you already responded ‘yes, please!”  He doesn’t thrust his power on you.

You can put your feet on the ground. It’s just inches away and will take just the time it takes to straighten your bent knees. Then walk. It’s not far at all to the river bank, where there is green grass, warm sun and a gentle breeze. He’ll be there waiting for you.




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