Simply Listening

Some readers of Threadbare have wondered about my political stances. Others want to know my religious doctrine. My answer? Though I know society needs advocates for righteous law enactment, I don’t belong in that arena. To be honest, the ceaseless debating is white noise to me.

I’m more suited to mingling with people on the front lines of daily life. I prefer to listen to personal stories. It challenges me; it exposes my weaknesses. I discover I need more wisdom. I need improved perceptual skills to notice when somebody is hurting. I need ongoing, specific guidance from God to navigate the complex terrain of humanity.

I’m perpetually scouting for role models who can show me what noble character and exemplary behavior look like. My admiration is greatest for the person who doesn’t just discuss human rights, but who quietly helps people that others ignore. My hero is the kid who steps forward to confront bullies, who risks his or her own peer standing to defend the underdog. I adore people who are alert to the marginalized, and who regularly practice inclusion.

I can learn from others. I gain understanding by turning off my noisy internal judgments, prejudices, selfishness, or insecurities. And simply listen.




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