The Mix of Christianity and Pro-Trump

People who consider themselves both Christian and pro-Trump say Trump is not corrupt, even while hearings expose otherwise. Why would they believe that Trump himself does not practice corruption? He circumvents the law. Isn’t that the definition of corruption?

People voted for a businessman whose past and present were riddled with legal troubles. He extorted students who enrolled in his university, which he falsely presented as accredited. He has outstanding cases from previous business dealings in which he failed to pay for services provided. Video recorded his lowly view of women to be used by men, and court records documented payoffs to porn stars.

Currently, he refuses to cooperate with subpoenas, and advises his underlings to do the same. The case in Ukraine, is one example of how he operates apart from transparent, ethical and legal avenues; his exposure has been confirmed seven to eight times this week by people who were there.

What he has done is both unethical and illegal. To morph it into a conspiracy theory or deep-state-proof is the right of every pro-Trumper, but to do so is beyond alarming. It is the mindset of “the Holocaust never happened”; the thinking of “the Earth is flat”.

To deny facts in preference for being “right”, or unyielding in an existing view, is dangerous to others, and most alarming, dangerous to the one who chooses it. It is the stuff of deluded minds. By the time one is deluded, he doesn’t realize that he is.

As for tying Trump to God, as so many pro-Trump Christians do:  consider who God is, and His words. God views those who lead others astray as having “blood on their hands”. Yet Trump is viewed as merely “imperfect”, “like we all are”. We are being led to immediately reject truths and whitewash Trump’s behavior and actions, regardless the violation of ethics, morality, or law. We are being led to discredit anyone and everyone who sheds light on truths. We are even being led to believe in conspiracy theories and the “Deep State”.

Who among these influencers have paused to fear the God they so-assuredly claim to represent? Who among them worries that they could be scattering God’s people, and noted that God says of those who do:

“Woe to the shepherds who destroy and scatter the sheep of My pasture!” declares the Lord. Therefore, this is what the LORD, the God of Israel, says about the shepherds who tend My people: “You have scattered My flock and driven them away, and have not attended to them. Behold, I will attend to you for the evil of your deeds, declares the Lord … Jeremiah 23:1-2

If anyone without Trump’s power and resources did any one of the things that he has done or said, they would be swiftly fired from their jobs at the very least; removed from even low level offices; brought to impeachment hearings as Clinton was for sexual immorality; fined for libel or slander; or imprisoned for fraud, obstruction of justice, extortion, and bribery.

It is wise to be careful who we associate with, and who we conform to. When it’s not God Himself we’re conformed ourselves to, it it obvious in our language. For example, those who conform to a specific political party instead of Him use the verbiage of their influencer:  verbiage such as “the swamp”, “deep state”, “never-Trumpers”, and “witch hunt”.

Who originated those phrases and for what purpose? Which people adopted them without asking those questions? Why are Trump’s followers now forcefully repeating them, as if they are truths and everyone else (especially Christians) must swallow them?

It is the speech of the blindly-loyal, who utilize and push verbiage and unsubstantiated claims onto others without caution or conscience.

Anyone can claim a thing, but that does not make it so. That this needs to be said, is evidence of followers committed to their stance, regardless reason and facts. Why have people, who used to use God’s gift of discernment, turned discernment off in favor of a shiny new thing?

Because that shiny new thing gives them permission to pull out of storage the carnal nature they used to attempt to hide and subdue. Now they are being permitted (from the top on down) to let loose the worst of their unconsecrated flesh. And it feels so darn good to do that.

They get to be right.  They get to be proud. They get to be illogical. They are free to be mean and cruel and furious. They get to gang up on those who don’t comply with their beliefs. They get to turn away those in need. They get to mock people who react with hurt or anger. They get to be corrupt, and self-serving, and smug.

They get to lie. They get to withhold their finances from service to others. They are permitted to be racist and sexist. They get to gratify their desire to be superior. They are relieved of the difficult effort of subduing carnality and taking every thought captive to make it obedient to Christ. They get to forego the Spirit of God. They get to be more and make God be less.

Whom we adhere to sets the course of our lives. It is the fork in the road — go with the road of God or not, that is each person’s prerogative — but to know God and then choose an alternative route is to knowingly refuse Him. That should set off alarm bells … unless it’s too late, and a person is so far down the road of choice that he is out of earshot of God’s guidance, discipline, and warnings.

Those who knowingly, willing reject Him in favor of an alternate option, shouldn’t be surprised when He ultimately allows them to go their own way.

Will He protect the person who does that? They can demand it, and believe it will happen for them, but is He required to exempt them from His justice when they have rejected Him? Must He oblige them with mercy, forgiveness, and exoneration without their contrition, change of course, and humility? Must He do that for them merely because they demand it of Him?

You have to throw out much of the Bible to land on that certainty.