Small World

I know I’m late to the party – I’m still amazed at the speed and reach of the internet. The most fun moments of my day are seeing where readers are located. I don’t know who you are (privacy is protected, which is good for all of us), but I am given viewers’ countries. In the past few months you hailed from:

United States – Brazil – Colombia – United Kingdom – France – Germany – Mexico – Philippines – Romania – Spain – Portugal – Poland – Costa Rica – Malaysia – Kenya – Italy – Croatia – Hong Kong – Myanmar – Thailand – Russian Federation – Turkey – Bolivia – Bahrain – Argentina – Canada – Trinidad – Belgium – Uruguay – New Zealand – Chile – Saudi Arabia – El Salvador – Taiwan – Venezuela – Singapore – Iraq – Paraguay – Viet Nam – Australia – Pakistan – Serbia – Peru – Ireland – Indonesia – Lithuania – India – Lebanon – Austria – Republic of Korea – Ecuador – Sweden – Nigeria – Portugal – Angola – Jordan – Bulgaria – Netherlands – South Africa – Japan – Azerbaijan – Hungary – Switzerland – Mauritius – Mongolia – Luxembourg – Ukraine – Finland – Trinidad and Tobago – Greece – Algeria – Guadeloupe – United Arab Emirates – Hungary – Norway – Puerto Rico – Nicaragua – Egypt – Cape Verde

It makes the world seem small. I know, I know … Everyone has been saying that for years. Finally I see it, and am astounded. Delighted even.

But also a bit overwhelmed. I’m realizing my vulnerability is more than I knew. I am not only exposing my thoughts to acquaintances and their network of friends (which is difficult enough), but to distant strangers too. Strangers from much different cultures. Strangers who might hate people like me.

With this blog site, I have made myself a potential target of haters in this world we share. But …

I am reminded of a statement by the late Maya Angelou:

Maya Angelou for blog

“We can learn to see each other and see ourselves in each other and recognize that human beings are more alike than we are unalike.”

I realize now that as my exposure grows, so do the risks. Like you (presumably), I’m no fan of rejection, criticism, or slander. Still, I write. I choose to trust strangers I can’t see, and remember that every person is capable of bestowing respect.

If I don’t take the risk, I’ll never know the joy of meeting starkly different people in the middle, finding common ground, and partaking of the best we have to offer: gifts of equality, worthiness, and respect.