Search for Truth

The U.S. administration mentioned in this original post has changed, the point of the post has not: lies remain lies; truths remain truths. Think of truth as a solid, foundational rock. No amount of atmospheric smoke, chaos, dodging, gaslighting, projecting, or spinning turns that rock into something different. It is still the same solid, foundational rock, if we would just LOOK. We must refuse to be lazy, forming opinions spoon-fed us by creators of deception. We must refuse to be a cog in their agenda – they want us to pass on deception for them. We must throw off everything that hinders and insist on seeing the rock for ourselves. We must refuse all other agendas and withhold our opinions until we study the truth. Let the rock of truth alone inform our opinions.

Cindi Gale

Misinformation abounds. It has turned into a futile “war” out there:  an “us versus them”; a “my belief is true versus your belief is fake news”. That’s the current climate on every topic imaginable. God knows how it came to this, but to me it seems everywhere I turn there is a deep pit of opinion with slimy, slippery slopes. I sense I may not get out of some of the pits if I fall in.

And so I step aside from those deep pits and search out truths. 

Here is an example. Tonight I saw a meme — a deep pit of opinion with slimy, slippery slopes — saying that Clinton enacted and enforced a child separation policy regarding immigrants, Obama continued it, and Trump is now being falsely accused by “the Dems” for doing what those before him did, too.

But it’s not true. Did I decide it’s…

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