Speak Life

Two years later, he continues to flourish.

Cindi Gale

I haven’t had much time to write recently. I may not have time for awhile. Most of the hours of my last two weeks have been spent in a teaching hospital, absorbing a barrage of information, flowing with the tides of emotion and complex medical crises I have had no control over.

Someone I love with all my heart is fighting for his life.

I remain ever-ready, often sleepless, doing all that has to be done.

It has not been all unwanted work. We are fortunate that time has been extended by the heroic efforts of an army of medical practitioners and support services. It has allowed me to hold the hand of this person I love. Feeling the warmth of his skin. Watching the beat of his heart. Valuing him. Treasuring him. Helping him with whatever he needs or wants.

ICU IV pumpsBecause we were told numerous times already his odds of…

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One thought on “Speak Life

  1. Sherry V says:

    Oh, such good encouragement, especially considering the severity of the situation


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