Beyond Expectations

Cindi Gale

I call it my “geranium on steroids”. It was just a wee little thing when I planted it, and if I’d thought about it at all (which I didn’t), I would have predicted the plant to reach twelve inches or so in height, and produce a few flowers at once. That’s what “normal” geraniums do. I didn’t do anything special to it. I simply watered it a couple times per week, as I do all my outdoor potted plants.

DSCN2232Yet, that wee little geranium quickly grew oversized leaves, shot up to a height of thirty-six inches, burst forth a plethora of extravagant blooms, and is loaded with buds still to flower.

That’s the kind of abundance God wants to provide for us. We hope, we pray, and we envision His response within the confines of “normalcy” … and yet He is infinitely more than we ask or imagine.

We are…

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