Letting People Go

Cindi Gale

DSCN2009, blogPride is an insurmountable obstacle to correction for many. We have all witnessed people who have destroyed their own and their family’s lives. Others can see who needs to take ownership of their actions and work to mend the relationships they shattered, but they won’t do it. They prefer becoming insensible mental contortionists to owning up to the harm they did. They will further develop their fabricated story by claiming they were driven to their destructive actions. They deny any choices were involved. They even claim to be the victims. People and circumstances, or whatever they can scapegoat, are blamed for the origin of the destruction. Certainly it wasn’t them! Aw, the lunacy.

It’s a tough situation to be in the life of one of these people. Regardless of your innocence, a person like this will spread lies about you to deflect attention from him as the perpetrator. He targets…

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