Cindi Gale

Think of the power God has, yet he refrains from imposing it on anyone. It’s not his way. He doesn’t overpower people against their will. He doesn’t manipulate or control. He has the power to do so, but would never do it. His character is so strong, he refrains from exercising the power he possesses even though use of force could accomplish his will. He lets us walk where we want, how we want, with the free will he gave each of us.

horse and foal, cropped for blog

He welcomes us to friendship. He doesn’t demand it, force it, or threaten to make things bad for us if we say “no”. His relationships are not built on guilt, obligation, or coercion. They evolve out of our freedom to accept or decline his offer of companionship. Be with him if we want. Don’t if we don’t want to.

He doesn’t pull “people-things” like guilt trips and threats…

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