As another Valentine’s Day nears …

Cindi Gale

It is Valentine’s Day and snowing here in middle America. This is the day of love, we’re told. Tradition, media, and society show us what love looks like. But what if your life doesn’t look like that? What if you are in the season of winter? What if your winter has been going on for a long, long time?

DSCN1760Don’t be misled or feel inadequate if you don’t fit the mold on this day of candy, cards, dinners, and flowers. In truth, love doesn’t fit into that mold either.  It can’t be reduced to a stereotype. It can’t be forced. It comes in its own time and may never look like an advertisement or movie. Do we really want it to, anyway? Isn’t that a rather small depiction of love? In Solomon’s writings, love is large and is intertwined with seasons.

From Ecclesiastes ~ To every thing there is a season, and…

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