Spread the Love, End the Stigma

In light of the death of the beloved Robin Williams less than twenty-four hours ago, and an upcoming event to honor the late Adam Smith, an admired friend of my sons, I am reposting this blog. It was written by Nicky Gant. Beyond the valuable facts she compiled, are tools for helping those who suffer from mental illness. Above all, Nicky’s article leaves us with hope.

Cindi Gale

Nicky Gant is a fellow writer, blogger, and friend. She recently published this article on mental health awareness and suicide prevention for the QC Mom’s Blog. Thank you, Nicky, for allowing me to share this thorough, helpful, and compassionate resource.



Like many moms of small children, I tend to live in a bubble. I’m usually running between little league, the YMCA and preschool – everywhere I look, I see happy little people with promising futures.

But the truth is, my bubble burst a long time ago.

If it hadn’t, perhaps my heart wouldn’t have hurt quite so bad when I learned about the string of local teen suicides, which experts have described as an epidemic in Scott County. Perhaps it would have seemed like a distant problem, something that can only happen to other families.

Though thankfully, my loved one who attempted suicide as a teenager survived, he resisted treatment for his mental illness and went on to live out the devastating…

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